Heading Home Anoka County

As a large suburban community north of two major metropolitan areas, homelessness in Anoka County has not been as visible in the same way it has been in the Minneapolis and Saint Paul areas.  But it does exist, and it is a growing concern for many families throughout the county.

Heading Home Anoka and the Anoka County Community Continuum of Care have the vision that each person in Anoka County will have an opportunity to be housed and that all individuals will have access to decent, safe, and affordable housing and the support services needed to maintain housing regardless of income, age, race, sex, religion, familial status, national origin or disability.

Through your support of Heading Home Anoka, you can Be Part of the Solution!

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To learn more about Heading Home Anoka, and for ways to get involved, please contact Michele Reid, at 763-323-5707or Michele.reid@co.anoka.mn.us